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Parashat Pinchas (July 12, 2014)
by Bettijane Eisenpreis

I HAVE A PROBLEM with the story of Pinchas (also spelled Phinehas, also spelled Pinhas) in Parashat Pinchas (Numbers 25:10-18). Actually, I have several problems. The first one is that the story of Pinchas isn’t in Parashat Pinchas; it’s in the last paragraph of the preceding parashahBalak. That last paragraph says that the Israelites were suffering from a plague that God inflicted on them because they had “profaned themselves by whoring with the Moabite women.” (Numbers 25:1) God was extremely displeased and told Moses to have the ringleaders of the Israelites “publicly impaled before the Lord” and thus stop the plague that He had inflicted upon the people as punishment.

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Great Commentary
Dear Bettijane - I really enjoyed your commentary and appreciate your deep
love of the text.  Thank you,  Liza

LizaStabler - July 7th

Direct and to the point
Enjoyed your take on the text. Thanks for participating.

Nehmer.Sherry - July 10th

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