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Parashat Naso (May 31, 2014)
by Rabbi Benjamin J. Zeidman

IN 1903, DURING HIS last sermon at Temple Beth-El before assuming the presidency of Reform Judaism’s seminary, Hebrew Union College, Kaufmann Kohler preached on these very words from this week’s Torah portion. “The Priest’s Blessing,” he said, is “a treasury of comfort and peace for mind and heart, it has come down to us from hoary antiquity, the guardian angel of every Jewish home, the companion and talisman of every son and daughter of Israel, sanctifying the coming and going of Sabbath and holy days, hallowing each joy and soothing every sorrow.”

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Parashat Naso
Thank you.  This is wonderful, now I will hear these familiar words with
greatly enhanced meaning and sense of personal duty. Perhaps we can hear
more of the rich heritage of wisdom from our historic succession of
magnificent rabbis.  Create our own "Pirkei Avot" if you will. 

Wendl - May 26th

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