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Parashat K'doshim (April 26, 2014)
by Rabbi Joshua M. Davidson

IT IS NOT UNUSUAL as a rabbi to receive calls for interviews at holiday time, with newspapers, radio and television reporters. Typically they ask questions about the meaning of the observance.

Sadly, last Monday’s interviews were not about Passover at all but rather about the previous day’s tragic shootings in Overland Park, Kan. By now you know early that Sunday afternoon, Frazier Glenn Miller of Aurora, Mo., opened fire in the parking lot of the Jewish Community Center of Greater Kansas City, killing a man and his grandson before killing a woman outside Village Shalom, a nearby residential senior center.

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Gun Control
Rabbi Davidson's comments about our laxness as a society on the subject of
gun control could not come at a more appropriate time. As I read this, tens
of thousand are running the Boston Marathon in tribute to those killed or
wounded in last year's tragedy. That the states and the Congress failed to
pass any gun control legislation after that horrific event is a

bjeis - April 21st

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