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Parashat Tzav (March 15, 2014)
by Rabbi Amy B. Ehrlich

I HAD BEEN STUDYING in Israel for some time when my friend arrived as a new oleh, a new resident. Happily, he decided to celebrate his citizenship with a trip south to scuba dive. I was lucky to have a break from school at that same time and joined the adventure. The drive south along the Sinai coast was hot and unending, punctuated by welcome and refreshing swims at Nueba and Dahab. As expected, the destination oasis of Sharm el-Sheikh lived up to its reputation of having the most wondrous underwater life. The week passed too quickly, except for the ride back to Jerusalem, which seemed further away than we remembered. As a proud new Israeli, my friend wanted to share his extensive knowledge of history, and soon we made a detour off the main road and headed toward the coast. He sought the large cannon that had been mounted on the shores of the Gulf of Aqaba. It was the still there, he told me, as a symbol of strength, although decades had then transpired since its use.

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Parashat Tzav
Thank G-d for a happy ending to this very frightening recollection!  Who
knew? -- hopefully, future orientation for visitors and students, etc.
included the recognition and understanding of such markers.  A survival
story led to a great blessing for Emanu-El and reminds us to praise and be
thankful to G-d for so much.

Wendl - March 12th

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