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Parashat T'rumah (February 1, 2014)
by Rabbi Rena Y. Rifkin

IT TAKES ALL KINDS to make the world go round. And it takes all kinds to build a tabernacle.

This week’s Torah portion, T’rumah, contains the instructions for building the Tabernacle. God’s tells Moses about the various jewels, woods and materials that will be needed to construct this Holy Ark and asks for people to bring these things as gifts. God asks for gold, silver and copper…for yarns of blue, purple and crimson…for dolphin skins and the finest goat’s hair. God asks for the most beautiful of riches, the most precious of items. Each person is commanded to take his or her gift, to give it to God and to contribute the gift to the building of the Tabernacle…all kinds of people, each bringing a different gift. It is not until each person’s gift, each person’s terumah, is sacrificed to God that the Tabernacle is completed.

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