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Parashat Va-eira (December 28, 2013)
by Rabbi Benjamin J. Zeidman

THERE IS NO DOUBT that our text venerates those within our community who have the life experience to lead and guide the community. Over again we read about the unnatural old age of our ancestors who tackle physical feats (like giving birth) and show great endurance (like leading the people). The lesson is clear: Those in our community who deserve the most respect are the elderly. It is because of them that we are here today.

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It is unfortunately rare, but always gratifying, to find a young person who
appreciates the viewpoints (and the stories) of his elders. As one of the
latter, I thank you for that appreciation. I once referred to something
that happened during the Korean War (when I was 15) and a young man I knew
said, "I was never good in history." I asked him if he ever
watched MASH

bjeis - December 23rd

Rabbi Zeidman
Dear Rabbi, it really was a pleasure listening to you on sat. am discussion
of Torah Studys, I was very impressed the way you led the group, with tact
& respect. I now see why you were appointed, incidentally while age
should bestow wisdom, it conversely dosen't mean that younger adults lack
wisdom, you certainly demonstrated that in your demeanor & the answers
you conveyed, best wishes for the New Year 2014, SK
December 30th

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