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Parashat Ki Teitzei (August 17, 2013)
by Robyn Weinstein Cimbol

THIS PARASHAH COULD HAVE BEEN subtitled “Thou Shalt Not” or “When Thou.” It contains a series of “dos and don’ts” to create a transparent society as well as a functional, compassionate community. Some immediately strike us as rational, such as the respectful treatment of female prisoners of war, humane treatment of animals and providing refuge for slaves. Others strike us as curious, such as the ceremony of removing the shoe to indicate renouncing the obligation to marry his brother’s widow and the prohibition of shaatneiz: the mixing of linen and wool. And the one that I find most intriguing: the regulations regarding gleaning in the fields.

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Really enjoyed it
Loved that you cited Pritchard -- great source. I love knowing that the
ancient Israelites were part of a wide culture.  

LizaStabler - August 16th

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