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Parashat Tazria-M'tzora (April 13, 2013)
by Sherry Nehmer

THE VERY FIRST phone call I received from a parent regarding scheduling a bar/bat mitzvah service began with these words: “I just want to make sure my child doesn’t have to chant about leprosy. I had that Torah portion for my bat mitzvah, and it’s HORRIBLE!”

Putting aside the encouraging fact that here was a mother who actually had knowledge of the Torah and opinions about it, the basic reason for her concern was this week’s double portion, Tazria-M’tzora, or as we usually think of it, “That stuff about leprosy and bodily discharges.” No wonder this parent was concerned, because, well, yucchh.

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Parashat Tazria-M'tzora
A valuable reminder that unclean thoughts, negativity, gossip, anger, etc.
all need to be left outside when entering G-d's tabernacle.  For that
matter, it would be nice if we could leave them elsewhere most of the time.
 Thank you for a relevant and timely take on a difficult parashat. (And the
title is so cute.)
Wendl K.

Wendl - April 8th

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