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Parashat T'tzaveh (February 23, 2013)
by Robyn Weinstein Cimbol

PARASHAT T’TZAVEH CONTINUES God’s instructions to Moses — although, interestingly, Moses never is mentioned in these verses. The Vilna Gaon has suggested that the reading of this portion was perhaps planned to coincide with Moses’ death in the future. Why not? Clearly God is not bound by space or by time. Therefore time, as we know it, is an irrelevant concept. Why can’t we anticipate God’s proactive mourning for God’s closest soul mate? In such light, this portion may be seen as a eulogy and also as a charge to embrace the future. Never again will God have such a direct and personal relationship with a mortal being. The dynamism of God entering into relationships now will be reflected through God’s relationship with the community. Throughout this parashah we are urged to recapture a measure of holiness. And, we are given some guidance for achieving this state.

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