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Parashat Ki Teitzei (September 1, 2012)
by Dr. Mark Weisstuch

THIS TORAH PORTION exemplifies what I like most about Judaism.

Many laws are discussed in this portion, the most that appear in any one Torah portion (74 out of 613). They range from returning lost property to protecting your neighbor against potential physical harm, even the requirement for extraordinary sensitivity to animals by sending the mother bird away before taking an egg from her nest.

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Parshat Ki Teitzei
Very interesting and satisfying conclusions for a problematic text. Shows
us the Torah requires us to be a partner in revealing its truth. But, oh,
what a responsibility we have not to interpret Torah in ways which might
merely serve our best interests, or set up the way to unintended new harm.
Wendl K.

Wendl - August 27th

Rebellious children
Great explanation -- I wonder if the passage about stoning a rebellious son
was also very useful as a threat?  I'll wager many contemporary parents of
teenagers secretly wish they had such a threat up their sleeves!

LizaStabler - August 28th

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