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Parashat B'haalot'cha (June 9, 2012)
by Rabbi Benjamin J. Zeidman

THIS WEEK’S PARASHAH is B’haalot’cha, and it is sweeping in scope. It begins with the set-up and ritual for the Tabernacle, continues with additional rules for the Levites who service that place, and concludes with Miriam stricken with a skin affliction. In the meantime, the Israelites complain, they are sick of eating manna, and Moses becomes distressed. Another strange day in the desert for the Israelites…

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This is a wonderful commentary. I can relate to it from long business
experience -- there are those who have great vision yet cannot manage
people or organize a plan; and then there are those workers who have
tremendous skill creating a strategy and bringing out the best in others.
Each needs the other, one to  see where we can go and what we can achieve
and the other -- to get it done.

Wendl - June 4th

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