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Parashat Va-eira (January 21, 2012)
by Sherry Nehmer


The river flows, broad and calm and slow,
Bringer of life, the Nile!
Fertile and rich, the soil damp in our fingers,
Loamy, heady, dark with nature’s promise.
Fattened cattle graze, and lush crops flourish.
We tend the land beside the flowing water.

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The River Flows
Beautiful imagery, esp'ly the phrase about feeling the story slip away from
us.  When great change is upon us, how often the urge to hold on tightly to
what was, rather than gracefully "go with the flow" and see where
it takes us. If the Nile did not flood in its season, there would be no
crops; if it flooded continually, nothing could grow. And so we must accept
the ebbing and flooding of our own daily fortunes.
Wendl K

Wendl - January 16th

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